McGraw-Hill eBook Library F.A.Q.

Navigating the Site

One of the strengths of the platform is its speed and simplicity. Content can be browsed by either collection browsing or searching from the search box. Users can search by the catalog of books or by content (topics, keywords, natural language, etc). The latter is the default search option.

To return to the Home Page from any page on this site, click on the eBook Library logo in the upper left corner.

Each time a user arrives at the website, they can view the books in preview mode. Preview mode enables the visitor to browse, search and read all the books in the institution's subscribed collection. However, to gain access to personalized features which include bookmarking and notes, one needs to register and login.

To access those features, click the "login" button in the upper right corner of the page. Users should click the link, "Sign up For Personalized Features" and register for a user name and password.



Registered users may then login to access the personalized features.

After login, they will see the "Welcome: username , institution name" at the top right of the screen indicating they are logged in. They will also see a "Logout" link for them to logout when finished.

After login, the visitor may navigate the site as they wish. When clicking "read it" on a title, they will have access to the personalized features in the gray toolbar at the header of the page.

To bookmark a page, click the bookmark icon. The bookmark window will pop-up providing an area to include free-text description to accompany the bookmark. Click "save" to save the bookmark.

The bookmarks can be retrieved in the Bookmarks navigation tab on the left side of the screen in the navigation panel. The bookmarks can also be retrieved in the user's "My Folder" area which includes access to saved bookmarks and notes.


To make notes inside an ebook, click the "manage notes" icon next to the bookmark icon. A yellow/orange note icon will appear and hover with your mouse movement. Move the notes icon to the exact location where a note will be added and click once. The notes detail window will appear and the user will be able to type detailed free-text notes. Click save to save the notes.

Full Screen Reading
Users may click the "toggle full screen" icon to read in full screen. Please note, there is a current limitation of the reader which disables the personalized features in full screen mode.

McGraw-Hill takes a conservative approach to digital rights management (DRM) and potential threats of piracy. Users may currently print one page at a time for the first 25% of the book. To print a page, click the print icon. If the user receives the alert " The page __ is not in the printable range", then the user will not be able to print the page as it's out of the range of the first 25% of the book.

My Folder
When the subscribed and logged in user navigates around the website outside of the reader view, they will see a "My Folder" link in the upper right corner of the page. Clicking that link will provide a dashboard view of "My Actives" which include Notes by Title and Bookmarks by Title. Clicking any of the links will return the user directly to their note or bookmark. Please note, that access to "My Folder" is not provided from within the reader view. The user may also select their "Profile settings" to change their username and password.


Librarian View

The librarian access will provide all of the same personalized features as the student view by clicking the "Librarians folder," and will also add the Statistics view when clicking the "Librarians" link at the top navigation strip. Librarians may access Counter reports including number of successful title requests and total searches by session by month and title. Librarians may also export the reports to excel. faq


The eBook Library is developed by Impelsys. Impelsys enables the publishing community to deliver electronic content in many formats and business models to its customers. We selected Impelsys based on the relationship built by their work with the OMMBID platform - an "Access-like" reference database of the Online Metabolic and Molecular Bases of Inherited Disease.

  • Founded in 2001
  • NYC & Bangalore Offices
  • 175+ employees
  • 100% focused on publishing
  • Innovative, cost-effective, complete solutions
  • Technologies include iPlatform™, VirtualPages™ and iDAMS™
  • Launched iPublishCentral, an e-publishing solution, in 2008

Client Side
The HTML front-end is powered by HTML 4.1, CSS 2 and Javascript. Some front-end components like Widgets, ViewInside and the eBook Readers are rendered using Adobe Flash 10 and FLEX framework technology. Supported Browsers: Windows OS: Internet Explorer: 6, 7 & 8, Firefox: 3 and above, Chrome: 5, Opera: 9 and above. Mac OS Safari: 3 and above, Firefox: 3 and above, Opera: 9 and above

Server Side / Admin Tool
The server side technology stack used for developing iPublishCentral is primarily the LAMP (Linux / Apache/ MySQL and PHP) stack. the iPublishCentral Administrative section and the portals are developed on this technology stack. It uses the following versions:
Apache - 2.x
PHP - 5.2.x
MySQL - 5.x
The Search Infrastructure is powered by SOLR which is a derivative of the Lucene project, which allows us to provide advanced search capabilities on our Widgets, ViewInsides and iPublish Portals.
We also use some open source tool-sets and in-house tools for our content transformation processes.
The DRM solutions for some of the PDF and ePub delivery uses the industry standard Adobe Content Server 4, allowing publishers to deliver PDFs and ePubs files securely to the user and restrict the usage of this across multiple devices.

Server-side development in PHP follows the MVC architectural pattern, which helps in easy maintenance of code.

Technical Support

For Technical support for the eBook Library, users may contact our Help Support Desk by visiting and clicking the "Contact/Feedback"link at the bottom of the page. Users may also contact customer support by telephone: 1-888-307-5984 between 8AM and 5PM Eastern Time Monday through Friday.

Order Information

You may learn more about subscriptions by visiting and clicking the "Contact/Feedback" link at the bottom of the page.

You may also contact directly for additional information.


Q: How do I get help with my subscription?

A: You may get help with your subscription by visiting and clicking the "Contact/Feedback" link at the bottom of the page.

You may also contact directly.

Q: What if I forget my user name and/or password?

A: The customer can retrieve their login information using our online Password Reminder. If you are the admin contact on the account. Contact the Help Support Desk by e-mail at, telephone 1-888-307-5984 between 8AM and 5PM Eastern Time, Monday through Friday.

We will ask for your name and address, and will access your account online. We will then email the user name for your account to the email address supplied upon registration. Since passwords are encrypted, we cannot determine your original password. We will change your password to a generic password, email that to your specified email address, and then you have the option to change your password.

Q: When does my subscription start?

A: Your subscription starts as soon as your payment clears. For orders mailed or faxed to our Order Department, this will be when your payment is recorded; you will receive e-mail notification when the subscription begins.

Q: How will I renew my subscription?

A: You will be contacted via e-mail before your subscription expires and you will be able to renew your subscription for another year. Renewals can be entered online or by mailing or faxing them to our Order Department.

Q: How private is the information that I supply in my registration form?

A: The information that you supply is covered by McGraw-Hill's Privacy Policy and is used to provide you with the best possible service for EBook Library. For more details on McGraw-Hill's Privacy Policy, please click on the "Privacy Policy" link at the bottom of any screen in EBook Library.

Q: How do I change information in my personal profile, for example, a new address or telephone number?

A: E-mail the new information to our Customer Service department at Please include your username in the e-mail.

Display and Recommended Browsers

Q: Which browser should I use?

A: All modern browsers are supported. No Apple Devices (iOS devices are not supported at the moment due to the Flash Reader). Android browsers ARE SUPPORTED.

Contacting Us

There is a Contact/Feeback page always accessible in the bottom footer of the site. Once clicked, the customer will be asked to provide some information about the type of question so that we may provide an answer or response in the most efficient way possible. The customer can comment on a content item, make a suggestion, ask an editorial question for our Q&A section, or ask a subscription question.

For customers who need help with their login/password, subscription, subscription renewal or general questions, customer should select the "Customer Service" radio button. The customer may also call by telephone: 1-888-307-5984 between 8AM and 5PM Eastern Time. Inquiries will be answered within 2 business days.

For those customers who have questions about website content or general site feedback, they should select the "Editorial"radio button.

For help regarding the status of your subscription order or renewal, the customer should select the "Sales Related"radio button and fill in the comments area to submit.

Access Control

The eBook Library offers a suite of access options for institutions, including:
IP Authentication.Institutional subscribers submit their network IP ranges to McGraw-Hill during subscription setup. These ranges are verified and loaded into the system and all users coming from inside the range are automatically provided seamless access under the institution's account.

Sub-Account usage: Name and Email address required when first visiting the site. In order to better track usage data, each customer must enter their name and email address upon first visiting the website. A cookie will be placed in the browser to enable access for further visits.

Global UN/PW. A global username and password can be used to access the site from all locations under the institution's account.

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