De Gruyter, Werner; Hart, Matthew; and Nguyen, Daniel. Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Grid Control Handbook. US: McGraw-Hill Osborne Media, 2010.

Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Grid Control Handbook

Published:  March 2010

eISBN: 9780071634236 0071634231 | ISBN: 9780071634229

Book description:

Master Oracle Enterprise Manager 10


Grid Control

Centralize and simplify enterprise infrastructure administration using the detailed information contained in this Oracle Press guide. Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Control Handbook shows you how to implement a grid-based management system and maintain on-demand access to critical services. Develop rollout plans, configure hardware and software, deploy targets and agents, control access, and distribute business reports. This authoritative resource also explains how to generate reliable backups, implement top-down performance monitoring, and maximize system availability.

  • Plan and carry out an Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Grid Control rollout

  • Set up customized metrics, alerts, thresholds, targets, and agents

  • Manage IT resources from a centralized control console or the command line

  • Manage your infrastructure using secure protocols

  • Automate administrative tasks with Oracle's management agent

  • Distribute business intelligence using the reporting and dashboard features

  • Work with Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Control and Oracle Real Application Clusters

  • Build physical and logical standby databases using Oracle Data Guard

Werner De Gruyter works at Oracle helping critical accounts with their roll-out and deployment of Grid Control.

Matthew Hart is the coauthor of Oracle 10g High Availability with RAC, Flashback, and Data Guard and Oracle Database 10g RMAN Backup and Recovery.

Daniel Nguyen has more than 10 years of experience in the software industry, including at Oracle Corporation.